2017 Dupeuble Beaujolais Nouveau

The Dupeuble Beaujolais has to be one of my favorite wines. Normally I am not a big fan of Beaujolais, but they really do it right here at Dupeuble. This estate has been making wine since 1512. They have had many owners but have always made amazing wine. This Nouveau is done the right way. “What is the right way, Josh?” Glad you asked, hypothetical inquisitive customer.

Most Nouveau is made with beer yeast because it ferments more quickly. Dupeuble would never do such a silly thing. Just like their other wines, they use all natural yeast fermentation. This time in stainless steel to preserve all the freshness. Bright, fruity, fresh, and perfect for Thanksgiving. Grab some bottles today before they are all gone.

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