About Us

The Classic Wine Story

Classic Wine Company was started in 1988 by Tony Meyer and his business partner. The store was started to build a store like the ones that existed in Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. It is here to offer wines of all price points and wines made from grapes not commonly found at that time. Classic was also started to provide Birmingham with some of the rarer wines that other markets were getting.  The wines in the store have been and will always be “wines that we recommend”.

Because we would not have bought them if they weren’t good. In 29 years Classic Wine Company has become a staple of the Birmingham community. It is part of the reason for the fine food and wine that you find in Birmingham. And Classic Wine Company will continue the traditions started many years ago, under the new owner, Josh Terrell. Josh has been working as a wine buyer for another store for the last few years. Josh is committed to customer service and knowledge, as has always been the case at Classic.